Successful Web Agency specialized in e-commerce platforms.

We are able to offer every client the best solution for its business.


Modern standards and attractive design


Search Engine Optimization strategies


Linked to the all social networks


Smart solutions for every kind of business


Boxnic is proud to help its clients to enlarge their business on the internet, making their logo and their products stronger and recognizable.

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Boxnic is a Web Agency specialized in the realization of e-commerce platforms.

Modern and dynamic web site able to involve clients in a unique buying experience, fun and satisfying for all.

Also Boxnic boast a remarkable experience in selling tickets online for museum, cultural centre, art galleries.


Modern standards and attractive design.



Search Engine Optimization strategies.


Linked to the most famous social networks.


Smart solutions for every kind of business.



Boxnic can rely on a team of expert web designers, graphic designers and copywriters.
Everyone work together to create successful web solutions.
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a team of highly developed designers and coders

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Start your own online business!
Our recipe for a successful e-commerce platform.

This are the service we provide to our clients to let them start their own online business


Boxnic pay great attention to details in every page of the website to improve its usability.

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Our e-commerce website can be displayed on every kind of device: smarthphon, pc, tablet.

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Boxnic technician develop a private area to let clients easy menage their own business.


Our e-commerce platform are based on tested themes: attractive, fun and dynamic.


Boxnic is always available for clients to resolve every kind of problem with the website.


We can assist our clients also in the realization of a successful brand name and logo.


Create and tell your companies story through all types of media with our successful solutions.

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We help your business grow thanks to our professionalism.